Nancy Pelosi To Wear White Pantsuit Flown In From Milan For State Of The Union

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Nancy Pelosi will attend the annual State of the Union Address Tuesday in a white pantsuit that was flown in from Milan, Italy.

The Speaker of the House plans to step out in the pantsuit from the Donna Lewis boutique in Alexandria, Virginia. The suit is from the Italian fashion house Kiton.

Chris Lewis, owner of the boutique, shared with The Daily Caller that the white, four-way stretch crepe pantsuit is “incredibly comfortable” and that it is a “new look” right off the runways. (RELATED: Ivanka Turns Heads In Gorgeous Yellow Plaid Skirt Suit)

Photo of suit by Kiton suit that Nancy Pelosi will wear to State of the Union. (Photo permission granted by Donna Lewis, Alexandria, VA.)

“It’s double-breasted, but very fitted with a very straight leg,” he added. (RELATED: Celebrate Melania’s Birthday With These Unforgettable Looks As First Lady)

The photo of the suit from Milan that the shop provided features black buttons, but he said that the speaker’s suit will have “white pearl buttons” instead.

“We had the buttons changed to white pearl in keeping with the theme for the evening,” Lewis explained.

When asked if it is in the ballpark of what we most people can afford, Lewis joked that it was a “big ballpark.”

“It is in the ballpark of $1,500-$2,900, depending on the fabric,” Chris shared..

The specific design of the suits aren’t even in his store yet, as he said “they are on the way in.”

“I ordered them six months ago for the shop,” the owner told The DC. “They are due to arrive in a month.”

But Chris went on to explain that he, “called that one in early since she [Pelosi] needed it tonight.”

“Because she needed it for tonite, I asked them to make me one and send it over,” Lewis said. “It took two days to get here from Milan. That one was already in the works. That one was on reserve.”

Earlier this month, Pelosi donned another look from the shop for her appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”


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Chris shared for that evening, the speaker was wearing a Venetian pink Belvest suit, this time from Venice, Italy. And he said that pantsuit was in the “same ballpark, depending on the fabric” as the one from Kiton.