Tucker Carlson Mocks Iowa Caucus Chaos, Says Democrats ‘Couldn’t Organize Nap Time For A 6-Year-Old’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked the ongoing chaos surrounding Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, the results of which had still not been released nearly 24 hours later.

Carlson opened his show Tuesday evening with his own assessment of the caucuses and the State of the Union. (RELATED: Sanders Campaign Internal Data Looks Very Bad For Joe Biden)


“How will the president assess the state of the American union tonight?” Carlson began. “How would you assess it? Fundamentally peaceful and prosperous, thank God, and we’re grateful for that while it lasts. And honestly a little crazy, surreal at times. And given what is happening in Iowa, really and truly hilarious. Like the funniest thing anyone has seen.”

“Did you expect in your heart that liberals were basically disorganized and incompetent?” Carlson continued. “The kind of people who hate their dads and leave dirty dishes in the sink and have crumbs in their beds? Turns out you had no idea. It’s so much worse than that. They are a disaster. The people who want to control your healthcare could not organize nap time for a six-year-old.”

Carlson went on to mock the confusion surrounding Iowa’s caucuses and the vote-counting app that reportedly caused all the problems, taking aim at several of the candidates and media personalities as well.

“Keep in mind things were not always this way,” Carlson concluded. “For 50 years the Iowa caucus ran smoothly using 19th century technology. Paper ballots and phoned in the results. Then the tech geniuses got involved and promised to make it easier and way more efficient, like iPads will make your kids smarter. How did that work out?”