Acquitted Of All Charges, “The Greatest President” Overcomes Impeachment In Heroic Fashion

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It’s official, President Trump has been acquitted of both charges placed against him by the Democrat’s so-called “Articles of Impeachment”. While this is one of Trump’s first victories of 2020, its unlikely to be his only victory….with all eyes set on what’s gearing up to be a historic 2020 election.

If you consider a fan of Trump, perhaps you’ll consider some memorabilia from one of the most popular political swag websites on the!

Swag Right is a website chock full of cool merchandise,political gear, conservative humor, and a great deal of pride for both America and our President.

And saying they are a fan of our president is putting it lightly. One of their coolest products (in my opinion, trust me there’s a lot of competition) is this Trump II Rocky Style Movie Poster:

(Photo via Swag Right)

(Photo via Swag Right)

“The Greatest President” Trump II Movie Poster is a must-buy for any Trump fan! Zoom in and check out the credits! 

Why Trump II? Because he’s going to get reelected a second time–just as the poster notes “coming November 2020”. And did you notice the Poster’s tagline? “The Greatest President”. Nobody said Swag Right was subtle.

While their Trump II poster is a must have collectors item, you should also consider some other Trump gear if you plan on celebrating his acquittal. For example, who doesn’t love this Trump watercolor style Painting?

(Photo via Swag Right)

(Photo via Swag Right)

Check out this Trump painting style poster and more via 

It still features the Rocky theme, but it’s got an artistic feel that could place it right at home in a boxing gym, a home gym, or even an office!

Meanwhile, if posters aren’t your thing you should consider some cool Trump apparel.

There’s this cool Trump Rocky Style Cotton tee that recalls Rocky’s 3’s infamous training scene featuring Stallone in an iconic yellow tank top:

(Photo via Swag Right)

(Photo via Swag Right)

Just $23.99, get your’s today! 

And here’s a simple but effective t-shirt which says it how it is: Trump, The Promise Keeper

(Photo via Swag Right)

(Photo via Swag Right)

Available in red, navy, and black for $24.99 

Just like he said he would, Trump kept his promises to voters to go hard on illegal immigration, restore the economy, and start cleaning out the Washington Swamp….and not even a gerrymandered, politically manufactured impeachment could stop him! I already own a “Promise Keeper” shirt, but several of my friend’s have asked me to order them some as well, and I only suspect they will become more popular with the impeachment trial firmly in the past!

So be sure to check out now and in the future for some great conservative political swag that also goes to a good cause, as a portion of their proceeds go to support Folds of Honor, an organization providing educational scholarships to military affiliated parents and their children!

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