Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (For Him)

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Most adult men in 2020 can barely articulate what they ate for breakfast let alone what gifts they want for Valentine’s Day.

Realistically, it’s hard for adults to imagine what type of Valentine’s Day gifts they need or want; a lot of people run out ideas by their late teens.

We decided to help out and scour the online world to find topical, popular and unique items to enhance any man’s day-to-day life this Valentine’s Day:

1. Beats Headphones

Chances are, he already walks like he’s headed to the dressing room of the Lakers, and talks like he just got off the field for a post-game interview.

Beats (grey, via Amazon.com)

Let him live his “truth” with some Beats headphones. The ‘Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones’ are a stylish way to get rid of cords and wires, which are so 2019.

With up to 22 hours of listening time, hands-free control and compatibility with both iOS and Android, you can’t go wrong.

Find which of the six color schemes work best for him and he’ll never leave home without them.

2. PlayStation 4 Slim

With rumors and speculations swirling about a PlayStation 5, now is the best time to capitalize on great deals for the PS4. Now, not only is the PS4 Slim a fraction of the size of the original model, it comes with a sizeable memory upgrade of 1 terabyte (TB) and a bundle of games.

PS4 Slim (via Amazon.com)

Available at about half the cost of what it was upon launch, this bundle comes with three different games providing varying ways to lose countless hours of sleep.

The perfect gift on Valentine’s Day for the partner who is always giving with their time, and deserves a little bit of time spent by themselves…but only if you’re gone or asleep.

3. Tracking Devices

Nothing says “I trust you” like putting a tracking device in the hands of someone else. Prepare for a huge, secret agent-themed ego boost when gifting the Spytec STI GL300MA GPS Tracker this Valentine’s Day.

Your items will never go missing again (via Amazon.com)

Peace of mind for your luggage, your vehicles, private belongings or even possibly a child, the GPS trackers use 4G LTE real-time tracking with Google Maps, tracked through their app.

Setup defined tracking-zones, and use push notifications via text or email. Beware of a monthly cost, but with this comes a litany of features and 24/7 customer service.

4. RFID-Blocking Wallet

Maybe your man has more concerns about being the ‘trackee’, rather than the ‘tracker’. Chances are, they’ve also been holding onto the same beat up wallet for as long as they can remember.

Usually, a man doesn’t throw away a wallet until it is pried from his hands…or when they crush some hard candy in it. But that’s what Valentine’s Day is for!

Color: Texas Brown (via Amazon.com)

Serman Brands RFID Blocking Wallet is a cool and practical item that blocks signals and prevents information/identity-theft contained on chip cards located inside the wallet.

Perfect for the person who uses a plethora of cards, has sensitive data and/or travels abroad. There’s no need to worry about scans or crafty criminals overseas with this pocket protector.

5. Premium Beard Care

Amazon’s Choice for premium beard care will turn the scraggly and frizzy into the maintained and silky. If your man is one of the many, many men who have beards, it may be high time to begin taking proper care of it.

(via Amazon.com)

The Rapid Beard package comes at a low cost of just over $20, and contains unscented beard oil, beard shampoo-wash, beard conditioner softener and beard balm leave-in wax butter. Organic ingredients soften, refresh and moisturize beards that likely have been neglected, save for the shampoo and water running down a man’s face.

If he is one of the 67% of men who have a beard, or 77% who wish they did (according to an NYC study), consider inserting some beard etiquette for Valentine’s Day 2020.

6. Black + Decker Power Tools

If he’s in need of a tool kit, or just a fresh and reliable upgrade, this Black + Decker Project Kit with Reciprocating Saw is perfect for the man with busy hands.

Tools, tools and more tools. (via Amazon.com)

Containing your basic hammer, plyers,  screwdriver and bits, this awesomely-priced bundle sports two of the most prized possessions for any handy man: a wireless drill and reciprocating saw.

Both items turn painstakingly-long tasks into minute-long endeavors, making two or three-man jobs into a single-person task. If these two items alone aren’t in the family, Valentine’s Day is the time to adopt these long-lost children.

No matter what you choose for Valentine’s Day, any added touch of personality that can be included will surely be appreciated. Remember, men like chocolate and candy too!

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