‘When They Go Low, We Go Lower’: Joy Behar Defends Pelosi’s Speech-Ripping Response To SOTU


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during Wednesday’s “The View,” agreeing with her decision to rip up her copy of the president’s speech Tuesday night during the State of the Union address.

Referring to members of the Trump administration as “criminals and fascists,” Behar went on to claim that most of what President Donald Trump said isn’t truthful.


“Let’s get right to it because the State of the Union was a lot to process last night, and we’re going to attempt to break some of it down,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg began. “The speech was book-ended by tense moments between Nancy Pelosi and you-know-who,” she added, referencing the apparent handshake snub from Trump.

“He saw it,” Behar interjected.

“Afterwards Nancy tore up the speech in two and what does this really say about the state of the union, you know? What does it really say about the state of the union?” Goldberg asked.

“She’s playing hard ball like he does,” Behar shrugged. “When they go low, we go lower. That’s the only thing that works with these criminals and fascists who are running the country right now. Sorry, but that’s what works.” (RELATED: Mike Pence Blasts Pelosi After SOTU: ‘I Wasn’t Sure If She Was Ripping Up The Speech Or Ripping Up The Constitution’)

Guest host Alec Baldwin argued that the behavior on both sides was a reflection of the deep divides within the country.

“I think those shows are public displays which typically they would put on their best behavior, and things have deteriorated so much in the last several years that even when they’re doing these very important ceremonial programs and so forth, live television events, the acrimony is on display and it’s an indication of how — how bad things really are,” he said.”


“You didn’t really need to have a fact checker,” Behar jumped in again, saying that Pelosi’s face showed clearly when the president was not telling the truth. “All you had to do was watch Nancy’s face. Every time he lied she went like this or like this or like that. You saw every time he opened his mouth practically he was lying.”