‘Pierre Delecto Strikes Again’: Tucker Carlson Mocks Mitt Romney’s ‘Silly Moral Preening’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked Mitt Romney for “silly moral preening” following the Utah Senator’s decision to cast the lone Republican vote for removing President Donald Trump from office.

The Senate on Wednesday voted to acquit the president: 52-48 on the abuse of power charge and 53-47 on obstruction of Congress. Romney voted to convict Trump of the abuse of power article, then defended his decision by saying he had “no choice under the oath that I took.”

Carlson compared the inevitable outcome of the impeachment proceedings to the movie Titanic, where the outcome was known in advance. Then, he turned his attention to Romney as the words “Pierre Delecto Strikes Again” appeared to the right of a photoshopped picture of the Utah senator wearing a French-style mustache.

“A lone Republican, as you may have read, defected and joined the Democrats,” said the Fox News host. “That senator shall go unnamed on this show on the grounds that silly moral preening should not be rewarded with the publicity it is designed to garner.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Jr. Calls For Mitt Romney To Be Expelled From GOP)

“An overwrought ethics lecture from a private equity guy?” Carlson mocked. “Next thing you know some payday loan sleazeball will be telling us ‘we’re all going to hell!’ It’s just too absurd each for the ludicrous moment we are living in. We’ll take that seriously just as soon as we decide Al Sharpton is a legitimate moral voice. So enough of that.”