Watch The Moment The Senate Acquitted Donald Trump

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/C-Span2

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More than four months of impeachment drama culminated with the acquittal of President Donald Trump.

Pundits and politicians have speculated about Trump’s impeachment since before he was even elected, and an impeachment inquiry was officially launched in September 2019 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Since then, there have been dozens of hearings into Trump’s now-infamous July 25th phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but it all came to an end Wednesday when the Senate acquitted the president on one count of abuse of power and another count of obstruction of justice. (RELATED: All The Times The Media Said Trump’s Presidency Was Toast)


The Senate voted 52-48 to find Trump not guilty on the abuse of power charge, with Utah Sen. Mitt Romney being the only Republican to find the president guilty. The Senate also voted 53-47 to find the president not guilty on the obstruction of justice charge on a party line vote.

Chief Justice John Roberts presided over the trial, and read aloud the not guilty verdict to the Senate.