Yankees And Dodgers Fans Plan On Uniting To Boo The Astros At Angel Stadium

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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A group of Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees fans, respectively, are uniting to boo the Houston Astros at Angel Stadium in April.

The Dodgers fan group Pantone 249 had purchased 800 tickets for the Los Angeles Angels home-opener on Friday, April 3rd in an effort to boo the Astros for their roles in cheating in 2017 and 2018. That number has soared to 2,727, according to the Los Angeles Times. (RELATED: Red Socks Send Mookie Betts And David Price To Dodgers In Massive 3-Team Deal)

“Dodger fans are taking their Yankee fan friends,” Pantone 294 co-owner Desiree Garcia said. “There are a lot of Yankee fans in L.A. that are not happy with the Astros. As long as you’re not wearing Astros gear, you’re perfectly fine to sit with us.” 

The Dodgers unfortunately do not play the Astros this season, which is why the group is taking a trip down to Anaheim to boo their common enemy. Pantone 249 is selling the tickets for $25 dollars each to anyone who supports one of the other 28 teams in the league. 

With that price, the tickets have given the Angels $68,175 dollars in revenue. Now include parking, drinks, food, and maybe some merchandise and you have a health payday in the golden state.

The Yankees and Dodgers have always had a persistent blood feud that did not end when the Dodgers relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles years ago. The Dodgers and Yankees have met in 11 World Series championship finals and are projected by some to be the matchup for the next World Series final.