10 Pillows That Will Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

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One of the most precious things you can gift yourself (probably) is a solid eight hours of shuteye. Getting the proper amount of sleep doesn’t just mean that you’re less cranky the next day — it aids recovery, mental processing, digestion and so much more. And where white noise machines, blackout curtains and high thread count sheets might all fail, that’s where these incredible pillows might just save the day (or night). From temperature-regulating pillows to plus ones that offer higher support, these pillows could be just what you need to stop tossing and turning in bed at night.

CarbonIce™: 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection & Cooling Pillow

A Kickstarter hit, this CarbonIce™: 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection & Cooling Pillow offers a cool sleep experience for the folks that run hot at night — plus, it’s dirt-, bacteria- and dust mite-resistant. It also features a Dual Memo-Density system that allows you to choose your perfect level of firmness and a strategic ergonomic design for improved sleeping posture.

Find it here for $99.99.

Refresh Memory Foam Pillow

Uniquely infused with green tea oil, this Refresh Memory Foam Pillow is like taking a trip to the spa. It’s both incredibly soft and helps relax your muscles as you sink into bed (and an incredibly deep sleep).

Find it here for $73.99.

Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillow

Soothe your olfactory senses as you snooze with this Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillow. It emits a subtle, minty scent and offers a doughy, quick response feel that’ll definitely encourage a lot more naps.

Find it here for $99.99.

CERAMO Queen Pillow

This CERAMO Queen Pillow features cutting edge technology that improves circulation: aside from a cooling effect, it also adds far-infrared energy that can improve blood oxygen levels, promote muscle relaxation, reduce joint inflammation and more. The pillow itself features plush, luxurious memory foam and is perfect for back, stomach and side sleepers.

Find it here for $59.99.

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Naturally disinfecting, this Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is hypoallergenic and helps relax your back and neck while you sleep. You can also toss it in your washing machine for an easy clean.

Find it here for $39.99.

Sable Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

Boasting the highest quality, plush shredded memory foam from CertiPUR-US, this Sable Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover is made with only the safest materials. Plus, the unique perforated design helps prevent the dreaded night sweats.

Find it here for $29.99.

Urban Bloom Domus Pillow

Solid and reliable, this Urban Bloom Domus Pillow features a sturdy memory foam core that offers consistent pressure distribution. It also comes with quilted-soft, removable, washable Lux-Loft outer cover that keeps your head cool while you count sheep.

Find it here for $85.

Pur-Well Club Extra-Large Pillow: 2-Pack

It’s actually waking up in a sweat that disrupts your sleep the most — and this Pur-Well Club Extra-Large Pillow: 2-Pack prevents that with a super plush gel fiber that helps you stay cool. Plus, this two-pack means there’s an extra pillow for your bed.

Find it here for $99.

Aloe Ice Pillow Gel

Side sleepers rejoice: this Aloe Ice Pillow Gel was made for you. The specially made fibers instantly cool to the touch on one side and are warm and cuddly on the other — perfect for adapting comfortably to the shape of your body.

Find it here for $81.99.

Yaasa Memory Foam Pillow

Engineered to optimize your sleep quality, this Yaasa Memory Foam Pillow is made with contouring support and exceptional breathability to help drop you into a deep sleep. This pillow also comes with pin core ventilation for increased airflow and breathability — plus, sports a luxury knit cover that looks beautiful in any bedroom.

Find it here for $69.

Prices subject to change.

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