‘This Literally Doesn’t Mean Anything’: Buttigieg Called Out For Highlighting His Nonsensical Quote At CNN Town Hall


Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg was criticized on Twitter after tweeting out one of his nonsensical quotes from a Thursday CNN town hall in New Hampshire.

Buttigieg has been in the spotlight since declaring victory at the Iowa caucuses Monday evening, despite the fact that the official results have yet to be reported. The backlash continued after Buttigieg tweeted out a comment he made during the town hall that left many people confused.

“The shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue,” Buttigieg’s quote reads.

Some tweeted back at Buttigieg with nonsensical, fake inspirational quotes while others simply pointed out how little the quote really meant.

“This literally doesn’t mean anything,” host of The Hill’s “Rising” Saagar Enjeti pointed out. (RELATED: Buttigieg Holds Slight Lead Over Sanders As Iowa Results Begin Coming In)

Investigative report at Right Wing Watch Jared Holt also appeared confused, asking Twitter if “Anyone know[s] what this is supposed to mean?”

“This new Ed Sheeran song sucks ass,” Popular Science journalist Ryan Perry joked. Senior advisor to the National Republican Senatorial Committee Matt Whitlock took Buttigieg’s quote and jokingly attributed it to “Mean Girls” fictional character Karen Smith.

“That feeling when you didn’t do the reading so you just make up some profound stuff to say in class,” Washington Examiner commentary writer Brad Polumbo wrote.