Superstar John Krasinski Recalls Hilarious Thing That Happened At ‘Captain America’ Audition

John Krasinksi (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Superstar actor John Krasinski revealed Monday that he had the opportunity to audition for the role of “Captain America,” but things didn’t go so smoothly at the audition.

The comments came during the 40-year-old actor’s appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” while the two were talking about how he tried out for infamous role. (RELATED: Watch The Latest Electric Trailer For ‘Captain Marvel’)

“That’s very nice to say I auditioned for the same role,” Krasinski shared, when asked by the host about auditioning for the Marvel superhero role. “I did, the truth is they hadn’t offered it to [Evans] yet.” (RELATED: One Movie Is Expected To Obliterate The Box Office. The Numbers Are Huge)



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“So they were like, ‘Let’s see who else is out there before we offer it to Chris Evans,'” he added. “And I went in and I tested for Captain America, got to wear the suit, which was really fun.”  (RELATED: ‘Captain Marvel’ Cracks $1 Billion Worldwide At Box Office)

Krasinki continued, while noting what happened while he was trying on the suit and running into “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth was one-hundred percent a “true story.”

“I was putting the suit on and the guy was like, ‘This is really momentous.’ And I said, ‘Yes,'” the “A Quiet Place” star went on. “I was putting the suit on, and I was halfway up, and right at that moment, Chris Hemsworth walked by and he was like, ‘You look good, mate!’ I was like, ‘Nope! You know what, it’s fine, we don’t have to do this. Nope, we don’t.’”

“He was just jacked,” he added. “He’s like, ‘You’re gonna look great in that suit!’ I was like, ‘Don’t make fun of me, Hemsworth.’ And so I just walked away right there. No, I didn’t. I acted my heart out that day, and it didn’t work out.”

Krasinski previously told Total Film , per ComicBook.com , that he knew he “wouldn’t have done it as well as Chris [Evans],” when asked about auditioning for the “Avengers” part. “At least I get to see someone good do the role. I’ve actually talked to Chris about it. ”

“Not getting it is the freedom I’ve been afforded,” he added. “Had I got it my directing and writing career never would have happened. Certainly A Quiet Place never would have happened had I got Captain America.”