61% Of People Want The U.S. Government To Make Information On UFOs Public

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A majority of people want U.S. government information on UFOs to be made public.

According to a study from Piplsay, 61% of people want the government to release any information it might have on UFOs and aliens to the public. (RELATED: The Trailer For ‘Westworld‘ Season 3 Has Been Released. It’s Absolutely Insane)

The same study found that 58% of people think the government investigates UFOs and aliens, and 27% believe the sightings are real.

I’m all in on this. I’m all in! Release the files from Area 51 and elsewhere, folks! Let the information flow through the streets and into the minds of the people!

Ever since the Navy UFO videos of the “tic tac” became public, it seems like people are becoming more and more interested in UFOs.

Do I think aliens and UFOs are real? Not a clue. I don’t know anything more than you guys do. Of course, a UFO doesn’t naturally mean it’s an alien.

It just means it’s a flying object that can’t be identified. Now, is it a lot more fun to assume it’s an alien spacecraft? Sure, but that’s not what it means by default.

Either way, I say live on the edge and declassify everything. Embrace the chaos. If the aliens are here and we need to get into some “X-Files” kind of stuff, then so be it.

At least let us know!

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