‘Is It Something I Said?’: Anderson Cooper Spills His Water On National TV

(CNN screengrab)

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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper accidentally spilled his water cup during the network’s panel coverage of Tuesday’s New Hampshire Democratic primary results.

Panelist and former Obama strategist David Axelrod had just finished discussing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s hard work during the “inhuman test” of campaigning from Iowa to New Hampshire.

“But I have to say this, though, David, when she makes the comment we’re just two states in that’s literally true,” added panelist Michael Smerconish. “But one of those states is a state where the Boston media market, she’s a known quantity and was projected arguably in favor of another candidate.”

Cooper was off-camera as Smerconish finished his sentence, but the CNN anchor’s hand could be seen on the bottom brushing against his water mug, which promptly overturned and spilled its contents over the table’s front before the CNN host was able to catch it and set it back in its place. (RELATED: Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet End Presidential Campaigns)

“I just spilled my water,” Cooper said.

“Is it something I said?” Smerconish joked.

“You’re talking about media markets or something,” said Cooper, laughing as he switched things back over to Wolf Blitzer.