‘I Would Vote For Colonel Sanders!’: Joy Behar Says She’ll Take Anyone, As Long As It’s A Democrat

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar made it clear Tuesday that she would vote entirely based on party, saying that as long as he was running as a Democrat, she would vote for Colonel Sanders.

Behar made the claim on ABC’s “The View” in defense of the the surging independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running for president as a Democrat but has already registered to run for reelection to his Senate seat as an independent. (RELATED: ‘When They Go Low, We Go Lower’: Joy Behar Defends Pelosi’s Speech-Ripping Response To SOTU)


Sunny Hostin, who has said on a number of occasions that she didn’t believe Sanders should be allowed to use the Democratic Party when it was convenient to run for president, raised the issue, saying, “For me, I have said this before about Bernie. Bernie has told us who he is. He is not a Democrat. He has registered in 2024 to run as a senator as an independent. How many more times does he have to tell us that he is not a Democrat?” (RELATED: ‘Take Your Cheap Applause Line!’ Meghan McCain Squares Off With Sunny Hostin On Impeachment)

Behar shrugged off the criticism, adding, “I know, but the Bernie movement doesn’t care.”

“They don’t care, but I care,” Hostin shot back. “I think there are a lot of people that do care that he is not a Democrat, but he’s running to be the Democratic nominee, and so, you know, and he’s pretty far left I think for people that are much more centrist, much more in the middle in the Democratic Party, and there are a lot of independents that I don’t think would ever vote for him. So I don’t know that he is the candidate that can beat Trump.”

Guest cohost Bari Weiss agreed, adding, “I’m not saying — I would strongly prefer Bloomberg to Bernie. The question is —”

“Would you vote for Bernie?” Behar cut in. “I would vote for Colonel Sanders. I don’t care. As long as it’s a Democrat, I don’t care.”