Former Big 10 Ref Dan Capron Calls Bo Pelini ‘The Worst Coach’ He Ever Dealt With

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Former Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini wasn’t apparently liked by the officials working the game.

Pelini was eventually run out of Lincoln after several reasonably successful seasons, but he didn’t go quietly. He was known for his temper, and former conference official Dan Capron thinks he’s the worst coach he’s ever dealt with. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“The worst coach I’ve ever worked for, ever, not even close, no one within 10 miles, is Bo Pelini,” Capron told the Chicago Tribune.

He further explained how Pelini got so mad at a call once that he called the B1G offices the moment the game ended.

“I take out my cellphone and call the command center. I ask for Bill. I hear: ‘Hang on, he’s on the phone with Pelini.’ The game wasn’t over for four minutes,” Capron explained when discussing how he tried to call in about the fumble call that made Pelini irate.


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I’m not surprised at all by Capron’s view of Pelini. When I visited Lincoln, I was shocked by how many fans of the Cornhuskers were willing to admit they won with him, but that they still wanted him fired.

They thought he was a terrible face of the school. The man just didn’t know how to keep his temper under control, and it he cut loose way too many times.

You know you’ve burned too many bridges when the fans are admitting that you win, and they’re also saying they don’t miss you at all.

It was truly mind-boggling hearing Nebraska fans just loathe Pelini. Now, he’s at LSU and has a fresh start in Power Five football.

He’s a great coach. He just needs to learn to get his emotions under control.