MSNBC Anchors Gush Over Warren Being A Good Loser In New Hampshire

Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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MSNBC anchors gushed over Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren being a good loser Tuesday evening as she appeared to come in fourth for the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow and Nicolle Wallace took viewers to the Warren headquarters Tuesday evening as the senator’s New Hampshire results appeared to see her with a low finish. The anchors took turns fawning over Warren because she was still “taking a picture with all who ask” despite the loss.

“As we head to a break, can I show you the loneliest job in politics?” Williams began “Can we go to the Warren headquarters, where again tonight all evidence is Elizabeth Warren has finished out of the money. She has finished fourth.”

“Since she gave her remarks earlier tonight, while we’ve been talking, while we’ve been covering other stories, Elizabeth Warren, who lives just to the south of the state of New Hampshire, is taking a picture with all who ask.”


Maddow chimed in, adding that the scene was “awesome.” Wallace then praised Warren as well, calling her “a really, really, really good candidate.” (RELATED: New Hampshire Voter Tells MSNBC Anchor She Voted For Bernie Sanders – To Stick It To MSNBC)

Following the swarm of compliments, the panel had Warren on to speak about her disappointing loss. Warren said that the results were “disappointing,” but MSNBC assured her that she has “every reason to go on and fight.”