The More You Know…These Were The Best-Selling Products of 2019

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Amazon knows us inside and out, both personally and as a society. Most of all they know our spending habits. It should come as no surprise that any product that reaches the echelons of ‘Best Seller’ on Amazon is surely a monster hit.

Heck, Amazon even has it’s own version of Black Friday called ‘Prime Day’, which saw 175 million items sold during the two-day span…which does make one question the name, doesn’t it?

Overall, it’s hard to pin down what the exact best-selling item was on Amazon in 2019; with countless lists floating around and companies analyzing Amazon sales data on their own (they don’t provide it officially to the public), what is available are the top-selling items broken down by category. Here are the best-selling products of 2019:

1. Electronics – Echo Dot

All the joy of having Jeff Bezos listening at all times in your living room launched the Echo Dot into the #1 position for 2019, flying off the shelves on Prime Day. And why not? At a super-low price, you can control your music, control your smart home and of course shop on Amazon.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen (via

2. Fire TV Stick/Fire TV Stick4k

The Fire TV Stick is a beast of a product. As recent as five years ago we likely couldn’t even imagine a USB stick and remote we could carry around with us to provide streaming services wherever we go.


The Fire TV Stick is under tough competition these days however, you’re more then likely to bring up a Roku Stick even if you search for the former.

3. Home & Household – LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This water-filtration device that seemingly took off on Shark Tank, is likely the only life-saving product on the list, unless your PlayStation is really important to you.

Drinking from a stream never looked so good (via

The perfect apocalypse-ready gift, this best seller can filter 1,000 liters of water.

4. 23andMe Health & Ancestry Kit

It turns out people are very curious as to where their ancestry originates from, and it doesn’t hurt to find out what type of illnesses you may be pre-disposed to developing.


Finally, your saliva has a real purpose, and it makes a great gift…the 23andMe product of course, not your saliva.

5. Instant Pot DUO60

If a pressure cooker made it on the list, you know it must be a magical piece of machinery.


Was it the speed, the efficiency or the ease of cleaning that got it on the best-sellers of 2019 list? We don’t know, but we do want left-overs.

6. Video Games – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Okay the above statement is a bit of a lie, but let us explain. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was technically the #5 best-seller in the video game category, but it is the highest actual game on the list. The super-official, top three items? $10 gift cards for each of the major gaming systems (see below), followed by the PlayStation Plus 12-month membership at number four.

Reality (via

Don’t hate us, don’t sue us.

7. Books – Where the Crawdads Sing

Coming in at the #1 slot in the book category for 2019 is ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens.

#1 NYT Best Seller also. (Via

With celebrity endorsements and millions of copies sold, the only remaining question is: What is a ‘crawdad’ and do they actually sing? Keeping with the “the more you know” theme; it turns out they are crawfish.

This book reached readers around the globe in-part due to a push by actress Reese Witherspoon through ‘Reese’s Book Club’.

8. Music – A Star is Born Soundtrack

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper combined to knock it out of the park for this movie and album. There was a time when blockbuster movies were usually coupled with a star-studded soundtrack, those days seem to have gone the way of Blockbuster itself, but not in this case.


Lady Gaga flexed her acting chops and vocal chords all the way to the top of the Best Seller’s list for 2019, meanwhile we’re waiting for that Space Jam 2 soundtrack to hit the airwaves.

How many items on the best-seller list of 2019 did you buy? Did you participate in Prime Day? Drop us a message and let us know!

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