Van Jones: Biden’s South Carolina Strategy Is Going To ‘Blow Up In His Face’

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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CNN analyst Van Jones warned that former Vice President Joe Biden’s unusual South Carolina strategy would “blow up in his face” ahead of the New Hampshire Democratic primary Tuesday.

Biden’s campaign announced earlier Tuesday that he would be skipping the New Hampshire election night party, instead heading to South Carolina. He finished fourth in the Iowa caucuses and said he would attend a South Carolina watch party instead of sticking around.

“It’s sad to see where he is in this campaign, but this strategy I think is going to blow up in his face,” Jones declared on “America’s Choice 2020: New Hampshire Primary” Tuesday. (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Is Now The Democratic Front-Runner, And That Should Worry Republicans)


“Listen, he’s doing this rope a-dope strategy, ‘I’m just going to get pounded in Iowa, I’m going to get pounded in New Hampshire and I’m going to come back based on black people kind of lifting me over this sort of … all these deficits,'” Jones continued.

“And maybe it’ll work for him but it’s a very odd strategy, it’s a very weird strategy and I don’t know if he knows that African-Americans are watching TV at night and see you can’t get white votes.”

Jones added that it was “bizarre” and “a sad thing” to see how Biden’s campaign has appeared to implode, as someone who formally worked for Biden in the White House. He noted that Obama received black votes in part because the former president was able to “get some white votes too.”

“For me, I got a chance to work for Biden and the Obama White House,” Jones said. “There’s nobody’s whose got a bigger heart, there’s nobody who cares more, there’s nobody who understands the pain of ordinary people more.”