Mitch McConnell Praises Democrats For Election Fundraising: ‘They’ve Done A Great Job’

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised Democrats for their online fundraising efforts and acknowledged that Republicans have to catch up during a radio interview this week.

McConnell said that Democrats have done a “great job” during an appearance on the Hugh Hewitt show.

“Now you’re up for re-election yourself, Leader McConnell,” Hewitt said. Have the techniques of campaigning changed in Kentucky like they have everywhere else now? Data-driven, deep dives into search engine identification of likely voters, does that come to Kentucky as well?”

“Yeah, I think the thing the Democrats have…I have to take my hat off to them is the online fundraising, the ActBlue fundraising. My opponent for example announced and received five million dollars in 24 hours, over 200,000 donors,” McConnell said.

“You might say I’m her finance chairman,” he joked. “They don’t have any idea who she is, they know who I am.”

“So, they’ve done a great job of pulling together small-dollar donors online. I think that’s a big difference from years ago. We’re getting better at it, for your listeners, the website that we use is called WinRed, and it’s doing much better.”

“I don’t think we’ll catch up with them in one cycle, but there are a lot of enthusiastic online donors and Fox News watchers and Hugh Hewitt listeners who also, you know, care whether we win, and you can pick up their iPhone and go to WinRed give their a 10 or 15 bucks to their favorite candidate.”

Republicans are currently the majority party in the Senate, holding 53 seats. The GOP senate seats were crucial to President Donald Trump’s acquittal in the impeachment trial last week. (RELATED: Here Are The Five 2020 Races That Could Determine Control Of The Senate)

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney was the sole Republican to vote for Trump’s conviction on the charge of abuse of power.