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Beards are in and none of us can deny it any longer. Whether it’s athletes, rappers or the President’s son, a bearded face has become overwhelmingly popular. With that, comes the undeniable need for grooming products.

The bearded fellows may not want to admit it right away, but some high-quality shaving tools can make taking care of your face a lot easier, with fewer cuts and nicks.

From soothing to smoothing to trimming, consider the following for yourself, or for your bearded-man:

1. The Beard Trimmer

Part of presenting a well-maintained beard is having fine and tapered edges. Any beard owner needs a proper trimmer with all the ‘fixins’.

Currently sporting a perfect five-star score at the time of this publication, the ALLFU Beard Trimmer for Men is a great place to start.

Your all-in-one (via

The digital battery display is something you’ll appreciate in a cordless-trimmer, because nothing is worse then shaving half of your face only to have your device die.

An under-appreciated feature in a trimmer is a level-one blade (what you would use to shave your head), because if you make a mistake or just feel like starting fresh, the ability to simply buzz everything off will save you many hours.

This particular product comes with blades in multiple lengths, trimmers and a handy nose cleaner that we won’t tell anyone about.

2. Shaving Oil

Pre-shave or after-shave, shaving oil can make your face shine like never before. If you’re not a fan of the harsh mistress that is alcohol-based after-shave, maybe it’s time to venture into some oils instead. You can try Alonzo’s (Amazon’s choice) as an affordable place to start.

All natural, won’t burn (via

There’s no added colors or preservatives,  just coconut, apricot, bergamot, olive, and avocado oils. Whereas your regular after-shave leaves you as dry as scorched earth, this should sooth and overall eliminate the wincing you’re probably used to at this point.

3. Next Level Shaving Cream

Let’s be honest, every time a man shaves he envisions himself in an 1920’s barber shop, in a fancy leather chair, getting lathered up for a straight razor by a man with a handlebar moustache. Well, you can be part of the way there for around 10 bucks with some premium shaving cream.

It’s almost hypnotic (via

Again, we’re not looking to numb and dry out your face with this product, there are plenty of foams that can do that if you prefer.

This will soften your skin with natural, sandalwood oils and make for a slick shave. It also lathers on thick, so it should last you quite some time.

Now, all you’re missing is the creepy old man with the moustache.

4. The Daily Shaver

We didn’t forget about those who shave daily, or every few days. Those who like a bit of the stubble, or leave themselves exactly 30 seconds to clean up in the morning will certainly appreciate these futuristic electric shavers.

This is not an advanced weapon (via

The same way regular/disposable razors have advanced to 600 blades per, electric razors have advanced to do achieve the same, close shave. However, more frequent trips to the sink with either the Panasonic Arc5 or a Philips Norelco 6880 for example, are recommended if you want to maintain smoothness.

Both of these recommended products are wireless, have a battery display and are good for wet or dry shaving. You may want to combine with the above shaving oils afterwards, as the heat from electric razors combined with the friction may leave you a little dry.

Regardless, these space-age devices contour to your face to reach even the annoying places behind your jaw and under your chin.

What a time to be alive.

5. That Is My Bag, Baby

Nearly as important as any item on the list, a toiletry bag keeps you organized, and everything in one place. You can go leather or machine-washable for about the same price.

Great for business travel or a weekend at the in-laws, every man should own a toiletry bag. It’s way easier than finding a place for your deodorant, shaving cream and razors amongst your luggage.

Pick one up if you haven’t, regardless if you’re an un-bearded man or an Austin Powers.

6. Bonus* Caffeine Shaving Cream


If you’re looking for an extra jolt in the morning, consider caffeine-infused cream which is said to reduce redness and razor burn.

With aloe and spearmint, it’s going to feel like breathing in eucalyptus, but for your face. Try falling asleep now!

Be sure to share your favorite shaving products with us, or if you know a unique product…maybe there’s a whipped cream shaving cream?!

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