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You’ve Entered The Roger Stone Zone – Get The Details In An Editors Live Chat

Donald Trump (Getty Images)

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Happy Friday, Patriots!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Patriots Only live video chat with Daily Caller deputy editor J. Arthur Bloom, senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc, and chief video director Richie McGinniss.

The crew will be discussing and taking questions on the entire Roger Stone-President Trump-Bill Barr saga and other news of the day. This is your time to ask us your questions, so fire away!

Here are your instructions for how to join the chat. It’s ultra simple, no email required:

1. Click the “Vimeo” icon in the bottom right of the video window to enter the Live Q&A chatroom.

2. Once in the chatroom, the Q&A section will be visible to the right of the video window. Click “sign in as guest” and ask your questions there!

3. Our editors will display the best questions and answer them live!

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