‘The Rest Of Them Are Trash’: Joy Behar Slams Bolton, Says Romney Is The ‘Only Patriot’ Left In The GOP

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar took aim Tuesday at former National Security Advisor John Bolton, saying that he and the rest on the right were “trash” and that the only patriot left was Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney.

Behar responded on ABC’s “The View” to reports that Bolton had been out and about, simultaneously promoting his book and complaining that the White House was attempting to censor it.


Cohost Whoopi Goldberg brought the topic to the table, noting Boltons’ complaints about the White House and adding, “But, you know, you’re kind of late, man. You’re kind of late. Nobody cares about this book now. You had the opportunity to make a difference and you didn’t.” (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Says She’ll Criticize Democrats When Trump Apologizes For ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape)

“That’s really true,” Meghan McCain agreed

“You know? You had an opportunity. So — ” Goldberg continued. “You can’t bitch now they’re holding up the book. You held up the country.”

Behar then accused Bolton of holding back during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, saying that his goal was to sell the book and he didn’t want to give away all the details before he could turn a profit. “All the bullet points would have been out there already, and no one would buy the book. He’s not exactly the patriot,” she explained.

“He was asked about Zelensky, and instead of giving an answer to the students at Duke, he said, you’ll love chapter 14 meaning, like, buy it,” McCain added. If you are giving a speech at a college, you should be candid … It was extremely self-promotional and he seems to want to be a celebrity in a way.”

“I think there’s a certain amount of people in politics that just can’t let the spotlight go, and unfortunately I used to really like him,” McCain continued, saying that Bolton unfortunately appeared to be heading down that road.

“The only patriot on the right right now is Romney,” Behar cut in. “He stuck his neck out, and the rest of them are trash.”