Wendy Williams Faces Backlash After Appearing To Mock Death Of Drew Carey’s Ex-Fiancé Dr. Amie Harwick

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Wendy Williams is facing a backlash after it appeared she mocked the death of Drew Carey’s ex-fiancé Dr. Amie Harwick with a “Price is Right” joke.

It all went down on “The Wendy Williams” show Monday when the 55-year-old talk show host was introducing the “Hot Topics”of the day and mentioned that Harwick, who was previously engaged to the “Price Is Right” host, was found dead in a Hollywood Hills neighborhood. The comments were noted by Fox News in a piece published Tuesday. (RELATED: Wendy Williams Says Jussie Smollett’s Career Is ‘Done,’ But Chicago ‘Should Just Let This Go’)

Police have confirmed to the outlet that a different ex-boyfriend has been arrested on suspicion of murder.  (RELATED: Jussie Smollett’s Episode of ‘Drop The Mic’ Has Been Pulled)

“She was killed, not by Drew, but by the ex,” Williams explained.


“Come on down,” she added, using the “Price Is Right” catchphrase, before turning her head down as though to follow someone falling down to the ground.

The comments clearly came as a shock to the audience as a few moaned in the background and the rest stayed deathly silent before Williams tried to keep things moving along.

Following the comments, people took to Twitter to call her out for “mocking femicide.”

“She was pushed. It was a domestic violence incident. Wendy Williams is mocking femicide. She needs to be fired ASAP,” one person tweeted.

“That’s not even a joke. There’s no structure to it whatsoever. It’s just sick. If she still has a show after this, it’s a disgrace,” another wrote.