‘It’s Not A Plan, It’s A PowerPoint’: Warren Attacks Democratic Rivals Over Health Care Plans

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/MSNBC

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren used a question about health care to go after her rivals at Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate.

“We need to get everybody’s health care plan out here,” Warren said before going on the attack against her competitors.

“Mayor (Pete) Buttigieg really has a slogan that was thought out by his consultants to paper over a thin version of a plan that would leave millions of people unable to afford their health care,” Warren said. “It’s not a plan it’s a PowerPoint.”


Warren also attacked Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar over her health care plan. (RELATED: Is Elizabeth Warren Too Conservative For Democrats?)

“Amy’s plan is even less,” Warren said. “It’s like a post-it note. Insert plan here.”

However, Warren saved her harshest criticism for Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying that his campaign  “relentlessly attacks” those who question his Medicare for All plan.

“Instead of expanding and bringing in more people to help. Instead his campaign relentlessly attacks everyone who asks a question or tries to fill in details about how to make this actually work,” Warren said.