Reddit Thread Asks How Long Before A Team From The North Other Than Ohio State Wins A Football National Title

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A fascinating Reddit thread is embracing a debate about college football teams in the North and Midwest.

A gigantic thread has taken off asking “How long until we see another non-Ohio State champion from the north? Will we ever?”

[[Discussion]] How long until we see another non-Ohio State champion from the north? Will we ever? from CFB

I’d encourage you all to read the comments. They’re pretty interesting, and it’s actually a fascinating question.

As we’ve seen for the past several years, teams in the South dominate the college football scenes when it comes to titles.

Outside of Ohio State’s 2015 title, teams in the South have dominated winning titles for more than a decade.

The PAC-12 had a great run with USC a long time ago, but those years are long gone. However, the answer to this question might not be what you’re expecting.

The Big 10 has more money than it knows what to do with. The conference is swimming in cash because of gigantic TV deals.

That revenue has led to upgraded facilities and huge coaching salaries to attract some of the best in the game.


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In the B1G, you have Wisconsin, Penn State, Nebraska and Michigan as national brands. Their results vary by the season, but all of them are huge programs.

So, to answer the part about if it’ll ever happen, yes, a team from the North other than Ohio State will 100% win a national title sooner or later.

When will it happen? I don’t know, but I’d bet on a lot sooner than you’d think. I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened in the next five years as Wisconsin and Penn State get to the top of their games.

Go, Badgers, go!