Live Brightly With These Luxurious Lighters

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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From fireplaces to scented candles, the casual need for a lighter seems never-ending. But why is it that you never seem to be able to find one around the house when you need it? Save yourself the stress by checking out this wide variety of old school and modern lighters, all of which are delightfully discounted — and surprisingly easy on the eyes.

1. The Brass Carved Flint Wheel Kerosene Lighter

You’ve probably never had a lighter this luxurious. Boasting tremendous detail, these kerosene lighters are covered in hand-sewn cowhide along with retro-inspired deep-carved embellishments. But these lighters are more than just good looking — they boast a windproof design, making it possible to light just about anything, no matter the weather or room conditions. And at just 3 ounces, these timeless lighters are super easy to carry around with you.

The Brass Carved Flint Wheel Kerosene Lighter is currently discounted to just $74.99.

2. The Crocodile Leather Kerosene Mini Douglass Lighter

Sure you can carry around a basic lighter from the drug store but they’re far from works of art. Give your go-to lighter a major upgrade by trading it out for one of these handcrafted kerosene lighters made of pure copper and cowhide. Similar to a nice watch or a great pair of designer sunglasses, these lighters are a true conversation piece that you’ll likely never find yourself without.

Get the Crocodile Leather Kerosene Mini Douglass Lighter for nearly 25% off at just $74.99.

3. The SaberLight Plasma Lighter

Ever wish you had a lightsaber a la Star Wars on you when you needed a light? Well, these SaberLight Plasma Lighters are about as close as you’ll ever get to the real deal. In lieu of fuel, these innovative lighters use a rechargeable lithium-ion cell, making them safer than traditional lighters — it’s even allowed in airports and is TSA-approved.

From the versatile Zipp Plasma model to the cigar-roasting Sparq XL Triple Beam lighter, SaberLight has multiple plasma-packing models to suit your needs.

Simply charge the SaberLight lighter with its included USB cable and enjoy up to three hours of plasma power per 60 minutes of charging. The lighters are also windproof and splash-proof. May the plasma force be with you! 

Each SaberLight Plasma Lighter can be yours for just $9.99 — that’s a 75% discount!

4. The Handcrafted Brass Carved Lift Arm Kerosene Lighter

This lighter is all about the details. These TSHOMX lighters are hand sewn with real Italian cowhide, accented with exquisite embellishments that are truly a sight to see. But on top of the lighter’s rather fancy exterior, the little gadget is likely the only lighter you’ll ever need around given its durability and windproof build.

Get the Handcrafted Brass Carved Lift Arm Kerosene Lighter now discounted to just $74.99.

5. This Classic Lighter with an Eagle Coin Sleeve

Imagine whipping out one of these elegant, one-of-a-kind lighters amongst a group of friends in desperate need of a quick light. Be the hero among your friends and family by always having a dependable lighter like this one on hand at all times. Handcrafted with fine Italian cowhide and deep-carved design details, this kerosene lighter makes for a truly timeless piece.

The Classic Lighter with Eagle Coin Sleeve is currently on sale for $74.99.

6. The Hawkeye Kerosene Lighter

Have you ever thought of your lighter as a work of art? After whipping out this Hawkeye Kerosene Lighter, you’ll be sure to turn heads. That’s because this unique lighter boasts exquisite carvings and 100% grade A cowhide, hand-sewn to perfection. And every knob, switch, and gear is incredibly detailed, making this lighter a true masterpiece of a gadget. And you’ll never need another lighter again since you can refill it with kerosene when needed.

The Hawkeye Kerosene Lighter is nearly 25% off at just $74.99.

Prices subject to change.