‘Yellowstone’ Releases Video Chronicling Jimmy’s Journey On The Ranch

Jimmy Yellowstone (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/Yellowstone/status/1232425035786313730)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Yellowstone” recently dropped an awesome video of Jimmy.

In a Twitter video posted Tuesday, fans of the show got to watch Jimmy’s rise on the ranch get chronicled by different cast members. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone‘ Season 2 Finale ‘Sins Of The Father’ Ends With Death And Hope For The Future)

For fans of the hit Paramount Network show, you’re 100% going to want to watch this post.

Jimmy is without a doubt one of the best characters on the show. We met him as a drugged out loser in season one, and we’ve watched him grow through season two.

He went from being an absolute nobody to being a branded man. As a huge fan of “Yellowstone,” it’s been a great story arc to enjoy. (EXCLUSIVE: Filming On Season 3 Of ‘Yellowstone‘ Has Officially Finished)

We love cheering for underdogs. Its’ something people in America just love, and you can’t find too many bigger underdogs than Jimmy.

He’s not just a regular ranch hand. He’s a branded man, and we all know what that means. He’s going to be on the ranch for a long time.

My only concern with Jimmy is that his final fate on the show won’t be a good one. There really aren’t too many happy endings on “Yellowstone,” and I could see him dying before it’s all said and done.

His redemption arc has been so good that the audience loves him. I could see that all getting ripped away.

Tune in June 2020 for the start of season three. You know I can’t wait!