Things Get Awkward On MSNBC When Chris Matthews Mistakes Tim Scott For Black Lindsey Graham Opponent

(MSNBC screengrab)

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MSNBC’s coverage of President Donald Trump’s rally in South Carolina on Friday evening got a little awkward when “Hardball” anchor Chris Matthews thought Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was Jaime Harrison, a Democrat running against the other senator from that state, Lindsey Graham.

The exchange between Matthews and Harrison occurred after the two had already spoken several minutes prior. Later, when Matthews saw Scott standing next to Graham, he mistook the junior South Carolina senator for Graham’s black Democratic opponent.


“Jaime, I see you standing next to the guy you’re gonna beat right there, maybe, maybe maybe, Lindsey Graham,” Matthews quipped.

“That’s Tim Scott, Tim Scott,” a female voice said off-camera.

“Jaime?” Matthews said.

“Who is that?” said the obviously confused MSNBC anchor after another correction.

“That’s Tim Scott,” Harrison said, smiling. (RELATED: Did Eric Swalwell Just Fart Live On MSNBC?)

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Matthews. “Oh, the other senator, Tim Scott. What am I saying? Big mistake. Mistaken identity, sir. Sorry. Tell me how you’re gonna beat Lindsey. Everybody knows Lindsey.”

Seeming to forgive the mistaken identity, Harrison then proceeded with a campaign pitch against Graham.

The embattled MSNBC anchor only last week faced firing calls for comparing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ electoral success to France’s defeat to Nazi Germany in World War II.