‘I Didn’t Ask You About President Trump’: Martha MacCallum Grills Biden Surrogate On Arrest Claim

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum pushed back after Democratic South Carolina State Senator Marlon Kimpson attempted to defend Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by drawing a comparison to President Donald Trump.

The Friday night “The Story with Martha MacCallum” discussion centered on Biden’s claim that he had been arrested in South Africa in the 70’s while attempting to see Nelson Mandela in prison. The former vice president attempted to clarify his claims during a Friday morning media appearance in which he said he was “stopped,” not arrested.

“It raises the question, why?” MacCallum asked Kimpson on the eve of the South Carolina Democratic primary. “Why say that you were arrested right before the South Carolina primary several times on campaign stops when it just isn’t the truth?”

Instead of addressing the Fox News anchor’s question, Kimpson went straight to insisting that President Trump tells “untruths.”

But, MacCallum was having none of it.


“First of all I didn’t ask you about President Trump and second of all …” she said.

“Now hold on,” said Kimpson. “If you look at the definition of arrest, you can perceive that you are being stopped by the police, you are not free to go on your wheel. Now that’s up to Joe Biden to explain that. But I think he’s explained it.” (RELATED: ‘You’re Very Rude, Sir!’ — Martha MacCallum Fires Back At Filibustering Dem Congressman During Heated Exchange)

“I asked you about Joe Biden, not about President Trump, and second, on that front, if you think that the president doesn’t tell the truth then why would it be OK if Joe Biden didn’t tell the truth?” MacCallum asked. “You know, one error doesn’t make the other error OK.”

Kimpson went on to defend the former vice president, insisting “this narrative” would not “derail this campaign.”