‘Anyone In This Room Remember A Better Time To Be An American Conservative?’: Mike Pompeo Touts Trump Admin At CPAC

Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Kyle Hooten Contributor
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took the stage at CPAC Friday and said that President Donald Trump “will not stop winning.”

“I’m thrilled to be here at the largest Conservative gathering in the country except every Trump rally,” he began, before asking the thousands of conference goers in the audience if “anyone in this room remember[s] a better time to be an American Conservative? We are safer than ever, our economy is more prosperous than ever and President Trump will not stop winning,” he said.

Pompeo attributed the success of the administration at home and abroad to a steadfast set of “overarching principles” that guide both his own and the president’s decision making. Among these are the priorities of keeping American citizens safe at home and abroad and “advancing American values” such as religious liberty.

The Secretary of State also touted some of the administration’s key foreign policy successes. (RELATED: Protester Dressed Like Trump Escorted Out Of Pence’s CPAC Speech)

“There is nothing I’m more proud of than the progress President Trump has made on bringing every American [in captivity] home,” he said before taking aim at the “people who’ve said for years that we could never do exactly what we’ve done.”

“They said… you can never successfully confront China on trade,” he began, before noting that “we have a phase on trade deal. They said you can never get Mexico to control its border, and there are thousands of Mexican troops helping us stop the crossings. They said you’d never defeat ISIS and the caliphate is gone. And they said we’d never free Pastor Brunson from his prison in turkey and he’s home.” He then said he’d list more accomplishments, but “time is short and winning is exhausting.”

Pompeo also touted America’s recent elimination of high profile opposition leaders like Qasem Soleimani. He described it as “an honor to help Trump rid the world not just of Qasem Soleimani, but of other truly demonic, evil people.”

“Can we all agree that the world is a better place because these people are gone?” he asked, eliciting applause from the audience.

“I’ve spent significant and necessary time with evil individuals who have am blood on their hands. I’ve also hugged and held children in every corner of the world. In both instances, they know the answer to those questions [about how U.S. foreign policy decisions are made]. they know America and president Trump mean business, they know that America is a force for good.”