Unfit To Print Episode 41: ABC News Correspondent Suspended For Telling The Truth

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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An ABC News political correspondent did a rare thing when caught on a secret recording by Project Veritas — he told the truth.

The correspondent in question slammed his network’s political coverage, accusing them of caring more about drumming up outrage than understanding voters or reporting the truth. ABC News suspended him and banned him from political reporting for his efforts.


Meanwhile, CBS News had their hands full trying to moderate the network’s first Democratic debate. Their performance was panned by fellow media figures, who slammed CBS for failing to keep the candidates from yelling over one another.


Finally, CNN decides that babies should be referred to as “fetuses who have been born” — but only when they’re talking about providing health care to babies who survive abortion. (RELATED: CNN Report Describes A Baby Who Survives An Abortion As A ‘Fetus That Was Born’)


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