Jennifer Lopez Finally Addresses Not Being Nominated For Oscars After ‘Hustlers’

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

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Actress Jennifer Lopez finally opened up about her Oscars snub after she was left off the list for best supporting actress.

Lopez told Oprah Winfrey that she felt like she let her team down, according to a report published Sunday by Variety.

“I was a little sad because there was a lot of buildup to it. There were so many articles. I got so many good notices — more than ever in my career — and there was a lot of ‘She’s going to get nominated for an Oscar. It’s going to happen; if she doesn’t, you’re crazy,'” Lopez said. “I’m reading all the articles going, ‘Oh my God, could this happen?’ And then it didn’t and I was like, ‘Ouch.’ It was a little bit of a letdown.”

“Most of my team has been with me for years — 20, 25 years — and I think they had a lot of hopes on that and they wanted it, too. So I felt like I let everyone down a little bit,” she added. (RELATED: Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out About Kids In Cages Moment From Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show)

Lopez was not on the list of actresses that included Kathy Bates, Laura Dern, Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh and Margot Robbie. The “Hustlers” actress did receive nominations at the Golden Globes, the SAG awards and Indie Spirit Awards.

“You realize you want people’s validation,” Lopez said. “You want people to say you did a good job, and I realized, ‘No, you don’t need that. You do this because you love it.’ I don’t need this award to tell me I’m enough.”

What a queen response from Lopez. She really doesn’t need the validation of the Oscars. People didn’t even really watch the Oscars this year. Meanwhile, Lopez gave us a bomb performance in “Hustlers” and an amazing Super Bowl halftime show in February. She’s 50 years old, but she’s clearly living her best life.

I can’t wait to see what we get from Lopez next.