CBS Affiliate Reporter’s Harrowing On-The-Ground Tornado Video Looks Like A Scene From The Movie ‘Twister’

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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A CBS reporter for the network’s affiliate WTVF filmed a harrowing on-the-ground video of the deadly tornado as it hit the news station in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday morning.

Photojournalist Dan Blommel shot the video, which began outside and showed the lightning flashes from the incoming tornado. The reporter’s voice was stressed as he instructed Blommel to get inside of the building, and the duo continued the report as the tornado made a direct hit.

“The tornado is coming,” the reporter can be heard saying. “All right Dan, there it is! Go! Inside! Go! Now! Get inside, folks.”


The reporter instructed viewers to head to a safe place as the tornado hit the ground. He wondered if people could still hear him as it became clear that the tornado was set to make a direct path for the news station.

“If you can still hear me, that is a tornado … This is a direct hit. This is the inside of the tornado right now. If you’re with Dan Blommel and I, this is the tornado,” the reporter said as the entire video turned to complete darkness. (RELATED: US Tornado Activity Is The Lowest In 65 Years Of Record Keeping)

The crew appeared to remain safe throughout the video. The tornado ripped through Nashville and central Tennessee, killing at least 22 people. This is the deadliest tornado in the U.S. since 23 people died when one hit in Alabama exactly one year ago today, NBC News reported.

“We have had loss of life all across this state,” Republican Gov. Bill Lee said according to NBC News. “There are folks missing.”