Tammy Duckworth Claims That Mike Pence’s Plan To Fight Coronavirus Is ‘Just Pray’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth appeared to claim that Vice President Mike Pence’s strategy for handling Coronavirus was to “just pray over these things.”

Duckworth told host Alisyn Camerota during a Super Tuesday appearance on CNN’s “New Day” that she would not have faith in America’s ability to respond to a potential pandemic “as long as it’s in President Trump or Mike Pence’s hands.”


Duckworth began by calling on the administration to increase the availability of both test kits and testing facilities — and then she turned on Pence.

“They certainly need someone at the head of their efforts who believes in science, not Vice President Pence, a guy who says he’ll just pray over these things,” Duckworth said. “We need to put scientists in charge and really have to have a coordinated effort between the federal government and State departments of public health to make sure that we ensure that we handle all cases appropriately.”

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel took issue with Duckworth’s assessment, calling it “false” and “insulting to people of faith.” McDaniel also noted that Camerota allowed the statement to pass unchallenged. (RELATED: Ronna McDaniel Shrugs Off Attack From Donna Brazile: ‘I’d Be Having A Bad Day Too’)

And while it is possible — even likely — that the vice president often undertakes his tasks with prayerful consideration, his recent actions make it clear that prayer has been far from his only response.