Congress Uses Deadly Coronavirus As A Political Tool

Caitlin McFall Video Journalist
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Congress has passed a $8.3 billion emergency spending package to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus in the United States.

The supplemental spending package passed in the U.S. House of Representatives 415-2 on Wednesday, with Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs and Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck being the only representatives to vote against the bill. (RELATED:These 2 House Members Voted Against Funding To Fight The Coronavirus)

But the near bipartisan support of the emergency package wasn’t enough to stop both House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from using the Coronavirus spending package as a political tool.

McCarthy blamed Democrats for not acting sooner to pass the $2.5 billion package that President Donald Trump requested from Congress last week and Pelosi accused President Donald Trump of spreading false narratives and mishandling the emergency response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Senate voted to the fund the emergency package 96-1 with Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul being the sole senator to vote against it. The package is now being submitted to President Trump for signing.

Tune in to see what happened in today’s press briefings between the two House leaders.