Joy Behar Says America ‘Could Not Take A Chance’ On Warren Because Misogynists Would Ruin Her Chances

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar claimed Friday that the real reason Democrats weren’t ready to “take a chance” on Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was that they were afraid the misogynists would ruin her chances in the general election.

Behar made the comment during a discussion about sexism in American politics — an issue that Warren pushed to the forefront as she exited the 2020 presidential campaign Thursday. (RELATED: Andrew Yang Has To Explain To Joy Behar That Ocasio-Cortez Is Too Young To Be VP)


Meghan McCain explained that when she was younger, her father — the late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain — had always told her that she could be the president when she grew up, but that she felt like women were still being treated unfairly in the political arena.

“I’m always hopeful that each election cycle they will [treat women fairly] and then I’m disappointed that they don’t,” McCain explained. “By the way, this is something that’s been going on our entire lifetime. I saw it front and center with Sarah Palin. They’re just treated differently. Elizabeth Warren has a very classy response. I’m almost done. She says, ‘If I complain about it I’m a whiner, and if I don’t recognize it I look delusional.’ I think that was a great answer.”

Behar jumped in then said that the patriarchy set different rules for behavior with regard to men and women. “A man can be angry, a woman cannot be,” she said. “Bernie is always angry. I like him very much. But he always comes across as angry. Elizabeth Warren can’t come across that way. They have similar agendas, the two of them, too, and we accept it in him but not in her.”

Behar went on to suggest that the hurdle of supporting a female nominee could have been cleared “in a normal year,” but that President Donald Trump was responsible for the fact that this particular election was different.

“In a normal year without the horror show that’s going on in the White House right now, I think that a woman could have had a better chance, but we are in an emergency situation, and we could not take a chance on the misogynists in this country ruining it for a woman and that’s what is happening right now,” Behar explained. “That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. I don’t think it will next time. People are getting smarter.”