‘Look What Trump Gets Away With’: Joy Behar Rallies To Defend Bill Clinton Over Lewinsky Affair

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar rallied to defend the Clintons with regard to the Monica Lewinsky affair, suggesting that other presidents — Donald Trump in particular — were just as bad or worse.

Responding Friday to excerpts from Hulu’s Hillary Clinton docu-series, Behar argued that Hillary was the real victim, while also claiming that Trump was worse than Clinton. (RELATED: Joy Behar Says America ‘Could Not Take A Chance’ On Warren Because Misogynists Would Ruin Her Chances)


Guest host Sara Haines began by saying that there were no real winners in that situation, adding, “But I do think there was a loser and my heart breaks for Monica Lewinsky —”

“My heart breaks for the United States of America because Hillary should have been president and don’t think that that whole affair didn’t play into it,” Behar interrupted. “That’s who I feel sorry for.”

Haines pushed back, saying that Lewinsky had spent a lifetime trying to recover from one bad decision she had made as a young girl.

“He said he did it to release — relieve anxiety. Whatever happened to Xanax?” Behar joked.

“I follow her on Twitter and I follow her work she does now,” Meghan McCain said of Lewinsky, adding, “I think she’s an interesting voice and anti-bullying advocate and I like the person she’s become but it’s not without these horrible struggles. I do think the #metoo movement never seems to hit Bill Clinton.”

“Yes, it does,” Behar protested.

“He got oral sex from an intern who was 21, and I don’t know, I think he gets a lot of passes in the Democratic Party,” McCain explained, adding that Hillary had said in a recent interview that many people had blamed her for the affair while saying that they were still fans of her husband.

“When you go back and reread the way some people covered him like Tina Brown and I believe Maureen Dowd, they said the fact that he had an affair makes him sexier,” McCain said.

“Look at what Trump gets away with, my God, compared to that. It’s unbelievable,” Behar turned the attack on Trump to cheers and applause from the audience.

“Trump, to my knowledge, hasn’t received oral sex in the Oval Office and I do think there’s still a big difference between the … desecration of our White House,” McCain shot back. “To me it was the beginning of the end of a lot of things in this country.”

“I hate to say this but the desecration of the White House began long before —” Whoopi Goldberg interrupted.

Behar added, “With Trump.”

“No, no, it began long before Bill Clinton. You have the Kennedy years and you have —” Goldberg trailed off.

“There are some great presidents who have not cheated on their wives,” McCain shrugged as the segment ended.