REPORT: NY Post Reporter Deletes Tweets That Exposed Socialist YouTuber’s Wealthy Background To Get His Twitter Account Back

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Phillip Nieto Contributor
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New York Post reporter Jonathan Levine deleted his tweets exposing self-described socialist Carlos Maza’s ties to his elite wealthy family after he was locked out of his account twice by Twitter.

Levine reported on Maza’s wealthy family origins Saturday, revealing that the former Vox employee’s family has multiple mansions in Florida and an expensive high rise apartment in New York’s Upper West Side. (RELATED: REPORT: NY Post Reporter Locked Out Of Twitter For Exposing Socialist YouTuber Carlos Maza As Coming From Elite Wealth)

The reporter also tweeted out photos of Maza’s family mansions — resulting in Twitter locking  him out of his account for violating their “privacy information policy” until he was forced to delete the posts, according to Levine.

“Despite initially calling their decision to lock my account ‘an error’ — Twitter locked me out again a few hours later over the same Carlos Maza story,” Levine tweeted Sunday.  “I have reluctantly deleted the tweet and I’m sharing with you some of the timeline here.”

He added, “The is Orwellian.”

Maza’s parents, according to The Posts’ sources, help pay for his one bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s East Village. Levine claims that a one bedroom apartment in that neighborhood typically cost an upwards of $3,000 a month.

“My mom and her fiance are very wealthy thanks to a software company they started together when I was a kid. As a result I’ve gotten to live a life of tremendous privilege,” Maza said in a statement.

Maza has admitted that he has a “safety net” but says that no one is “bankrolling” his new career as an independent YouTuber, and he claimed that his mother only donates $10 a month. “Gay Wonk” has a Patreon account where fans can donate money to help fund the channel. Levine reported that at the end of one of Maza’s videos his parents were listed as “comrades” along with other financial supporters.

The YouTuber is a frequent critic of the “ultra-wealthy” having recently attacked Democratic strategist James Carville for living “in an absolutely obscene four story mansion.”

“I think a lot of these people are unhappy. I’m sure this guy is just craving some attention,” Carville told The Post in response to Maza’s criticism. “I don’t have a billion dollars, but whatever I have my daddy didn’t give me. I think I inherited, like, $11,000.”

In 2019, Maza became famous after leading an online campaign to have conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder banned from the video sharing platform for hate speech. Maza has also been known to encouraged supporters to assault far-right figures with milkshakes.