CPAC Faces Criticism For Refusing To Release Name Of ‘Patient Zero’

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

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The American Conservative Union (ACU) is under fire for refusing to release the name of the coronavirus patient who attended this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which was hosted by ACU.

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp claimed that the organization was barred from releasing the person’s name, saying he was relying on the advice of medical professionals and lawyers. (RELATED: Matt Gaetz Announces At CPAC That He Will No Longer Accept PAC Money)

“We don’t reveal his (information) to anyone,” Schlapp told the Daily Caller. “We talk to him and others to determine if there were interactions, then we call those who had the interaction.”

“If we released his name, which we are barred from, it would not help anyone,” Schlapp claimed. “Nobody at the conference is suffering because his information is being kept confidential.”

However, this explanation is not likely to satisfy many of the event’s attendees, who are frustrated with the ACU’s handling of the situation. So far, four Republican members of Congress have announced their intention to self-quarantine after being informed by ACU that they came in contact with the patient.

“Not a great look for the important politicians to be informed about the identity of this person while the regular peons are left in the dark,” Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh tweeted.

“Why are so many of the Trumpers, who have no issue tweeting the name of the Ukraine whistleblower, protecting the name of the CPAC attendee who has coronavirus?” Washington Examiner editor Jay Caruso asked.

“I guess there is a quota of Twitter followers someone must have before they can know who had Coronavirus at CPAC,” Washington Examiner editor Jon Brown tweeted. “I understand privacy is important, but anger is going to fester among attendees because of the blue checks claiming to know who Patient Zero is.”