San Francisco ‘Cuddle Party’ Canceled Due To Coronavirus

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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The coronavirus outbreak has prompted the organizer of San Francisco’s “Cuddle Party” to cancel the March gathering to avoid spreading the virus. 

Dr. Yoni Alkan, the event’s organizer, told Business Insider that the next scheduled party on March 14 has been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns and in accordance with the city’s recommendation to avoid mass gatherings and practice social distancing. (RELATED: San Francisco’s New DA: Public Urination ‘Will Not Be Prosecuted’)

The “Cuddle Party” is a “playful social event designed for adults to explore communication, boundaries and affection,” the website explains. Participants arrive at the event and change into pajamas, then gather around for an hour-long “Welcome Circle” led by a “Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator.”

Two hours of the event are focused on “Self-Directed Adventure and Connection,” the website says, which allows participants to “cuddle mingle,” which can include group cuddling, one-on-one cuddling, full-body hugs, head-rubs and spooning. 

At the end of the event, there’s a “Closing Circle” after the “Puppy Pile,” where the “Cuddle Lifeguards” share closing thoughts. 

“Cuddle Party” is international, with March events in Australia, Sweden and Ireland, all of which have reported cases of the coronavirus.

San Francisco has 13 cases of the coronavirus, with more than 70 cases reported in the Bay Area as of Monday, according to KRON4.