‘Learn How To Code’? — These Women Say, ‘Bring It On!’

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Maranda White House Correspondent
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Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, joined Daily Caller White House correspondent Maranda Finney during Women’s History month to discuss the history she’s making as a female leader in the field of technology.

Learn to code” became a fairly notorious phrase after some in the media adopted the line as a response to laid off coal miners searching for new work within the last few years. The pointed remark was later used to mock journalists who were laid off. Twitter even suspended users who directed the “learn to code” comment at certain people.

While that “idea” prompted a wide array of responses, these young women from all around the world have jumped at the opportunity to learn to code through the efforts of “Women Who Code.” In this special edition interview for International Women’s Day, see how Alaina Percival and her team are shaping the future of technology. (RELATED: Former WWE Champion ‘Kane’ Discusses Trump And WrestleMania 36)

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