Get Out Of Sticky Situations With This Dog Tag’s Hidden Blade

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Pocket knives are nothing new — whose grandfather didn’t whip one of these out when it was time to tighten a screw or slice open a package? But it’s the year 2020, and pocket knives are on a whole new level these days. And after taking one glimpse at this stylish B-2 Dog Tag, it’s not hard to see why this concealed nano blade pocket knife has become the new must-have mobile tool among people all over the country.

After raising more than $300,000 and gaining support from over 600 backers on Kickstarter after Boomer & Company’s first B-2 Nano Blade Tactical Pocket Knife debuted in 2017, its new and improved predecessor, the B-2 Dog Tag, continues to blow other pocket tools out of the water. Weighing less than 2 ounces, this sleek, jet black dog tag is incredibly easy to carry around, whether it be around your neck or in your pocket, giving you access to a 440 carbon black stainless steel blade at any given moment. The key-sized blade, which can be easily detached and reinserted into place, is perfect to have on hand in emergencies, allowing you to cut through seatbelts, brush, and more.

What makes the B-2 Dog Tag such an invaluable tool is its incredible strength and durable build. Once the blade is secured into place thanks to its sturdily made butterfly lock, it can cut through tough surfaces without breaking, bending or coming out of place — which is more than you can say of that dinky drug-store pocket knife you’ve been carrying around for five years. It’s no wonder Boomer & Company’s military-style gadget became known as the “World’s Most Successful Pocket Knife” in its first year, according to Indigogo.

Ready to be prepared for anything? Then it’s high time you get yourself this everyday carry essential! For a limited time, the coveted B-2 Dog Tag is nearly 50% off, making it just $34.99.

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