‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber’s Mom Becomes The Most Hated Woman After Intense Finale Showdown

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Bachelor Nation on ABC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7akPKxwUto)

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“Bachelor” Peter Weber’s mom definitely cemented herself as the most hated woman in America after Tuesday night’s extended finale.

Barbara Weber’s very clear dislike for her son’s final pick at the end of this terrible, disastrous two-month long season did not sit well with Bachelor Nation fans. As we saw in Monday night’s episode, Peter’s family did not vibe with Madison and instead manipulated Peter into choosing Hannah Ann.

After meeting with Peter’s family, Madison chose to leave ultimately leaving Peter to propose to Hannah Ann.

Fast forward to Hannah Ann and Peter ending their engagement, much to Barb’s disdain (as very blatantly shown during “After The Final Rose”), and Chris Harrison doing some meddling to bring Madison and Peter back together. (RELATED: ‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber’s Mom’s Reaction To His Sex Life Creates Confusion)

Here’s where things got wild. Hannah Ann gave a good “men are trash” speech to Peter, which was met with applause by Peter’s own mom. Harrison gave us a great video of Madison professing her love for Peter, which was met with eye rolls from Barb.

Things got really bad when Madison and Peter joined Harrison on the stage. Looking for Peter’s family’s thoughts on the relationship, Barb said the worst thing I think a parent could say to their child who believes they have found the love of their life.

“It’s gonna fail to succeed,” Barb said regarding Peter and Madison’s relationship. “All his friends know it’s not going to work.”

I still can’t figure out why Peter’s parents are so against him wanting to be with a woman who is strong in her moral stances and doesn’t back down for anyone. It really seems like loving someone like that could be good for him. Instead, Barb doesn’t want anyone to change Peter from a drinking, partying, sex-crazed 25-year-old guy.

We’ll see if Peter and Madison end up working out, but the way his family treated her throughout this process makes it feel a little hopeless.