Congress Pushing To Get An Additional Coronavirus Bill Passed Before Recess

DANIEL SLIM/ Getty Images/ Daily Caller

Caitlin McFall Video Journalist
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In a press briefing on Capitol Hill, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the House will vote Thursday to pass a bill that will “put families first” in fighting the coronavirus.

In response to a question about whether or not the U.S. House of Representatives will be leaving for it’s scheduled recess next week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “I think we can get this done in 24-48 hours. I think it’s critical that we do.”

The bill which came across the GOP’s desks late last night, is an initiative to help families that are struggling to cope with small business needs, school closures and paid leave.

But McCarthy said the bill “Came up short.” Saying that certain proposals such as sick leave would take too long logistically under the current plan. (RELATED: Coronavirus Officially Declared Pandemic, Here’s What We Know)

But Speaker Pelosi seems confident House Republicans and Democrats can reach an agreement in a timely fashion saying, “We don’t need 48 hours…We just need to decide to help families right now.”

“I’ll make this commitment to everyone, Republicans will not play politics, we’re not going to criticize and sit back were going to work to make this right,” McCarthy finished.

“I think the best thing we can do is take a deep breather, lets make sure whatever bill we can pass right here works to the need best for everyone.”