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Coronavirus Overwhelmed Italy’s Healthcare System In 42 Days, Here’s How The Same Thing Could Happen Here

(Photo by CARLO HERMANN/AFP via Getty Images)

Noah Adamitis Associate Editor
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Italy recorded their first cases of coronavirus in Rome on January 31st. 42 days later, their country is now under almost complete lockdown with only grocery stores and pharmacies allowed to operate. Their healthcare system is overwhelmed to the point of near collapse with the disease causing collateral damage beyond its victims according to several Italian doctors. The healthcare system in the U.S. is heading in a similar direction if the coronavirus continues spreading at its current pace.

Within the past 42 days, Italy has gone from two initial cases to leapfrogging South Korea as the country with the second-most coronavirus cases and deaths. They currently stand at approximately 12,400 cases and 827 deaths. This explosion of cases has placed tremendous strain on their healthcare system, with one Italian doctor allegedly saying, “Lombardy, which has the best healthcare in the country, is collapsing, so I don’t dare to think what would happen in less efficient regions.”