Fox Guest Drops Huge Question On Chris Wallace: ‘What If All Top 3 Contenders In This Race Contract This Virus?’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News contributor Gillian Turner asked Chris Wallace what could happen if all three major 2020 contenders were to contract coronavirus.

Turner joined Wallace’s discussion on “Fox News Sunday” about the spread of the virus and the administration’s response to its spread. (RELATED: ‘Our Job Is To Not Let That Worst Case Scenario Happen’: Dr. Fauci Says Preparation Is Key)


“It’s interesting, Axios reported yesterday about a focus group in Minnesota of swing voters who said even if there is a recession that because of the Coronavirus, they wouldn’t blame that on President Trump,” Wallace began. “The only hiccup there is we don’t know where we are going to be six months from now which is when we are going to have this election.”

Wallace went on to wonder aloud how people might feel if the economy had rebounded by November versus how they might respond if that were not the case.

“I suspect a lot of American voters view this virus as an act of God and politics is not really very closely related to it,” Turner replied, noting that the real question would be how the administration handled the crisis — and that was something that couldn’t really be assessed until after the crisis had passed.

“Quick note on what you just talked about a minute ago when it comes to age, there was a million dollar question that I don’t think anyone wants to ask and that is what if all top three presidential contenders contract this virus over the coming months?” Turner asked. “It is not a crazy question. We are in this unique cycle where all three are 70-plus.”

Turner went on to point out the fact that Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who recently had a heart attack on the campaign trail, clearly had an underlying health condition. In addition, the nature of campaigns — and in Trump’s case, serving as president — would lead to increased interactions with others.

“It is not unreasonable given the amount of people they interact with every day that they might all contract this virus and at some point maybe overlap at the same time,” Turner concluded. “What does that look like? This becomes a national security concern very quickly.”

Of the three — Sanders, Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden — only Trump has publicly announced that he has been tested for coronavirus. That test came back negative on Saturday.