Unfit To Print Episode 43: NYT Writer Claims Racism After MSNBC Math Fiasco

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Brian Williams and the New York Times’ Mara Gay teamed up this week to create some bad TV, insisting that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg could’ve given every American a million dollars with the $500 million he spent on his presidential campaign.


The only problem is that the math doesn’t add up — if Bloomberg divided up that money among Americans, each person would receive just $1.50. Gay initially handled the mistake well, but then insisted the backlash she was receiving was coming from a “racist Twitter mob.” (RELATED: NYT Editorial Board Member Nailed Again By Critics After Blaming Bloomberg Math Mistake Backlash On ‘Racist Twitter Mob’)


Host Amber Athey also talks about the media’s reaction to former Vice President Joe Biden’s aggressive encounter with an auto worker in Michigan. Biden came across like a drunk uncle, but he received praise from journalists who will do anything to cover for him.


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