Brit Hume Describes A Coronavirus Scenario That Could Be ‘Quite Good News’ For President Trump

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Fox News contributor Brit Hume described a scenario that could end up being “quite good news” for President Donald Trump as he leads the nation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.


Appearing on Tuesday night’s edition of “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Hume first acknowledged that the sinking economic conditions certainly “spells trouble for the incumbent.”

“If, on the other hand, we are able to blunt the force of this,” he told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum, “and we are able to helicopter, drop money out of helicopters, as the saying goes – to get money to people – an economic downturn, and people are able to weather it, and it comes to be felt by the country that this administration, after maybe some halting steps at the beginning, did a good job mobilizing the country and mobilizing the government and seeing us through it, that could be quite good news for the president.”

Hume also gave credit to Democrats for voting for former Vice President Joe Biden, someone “believed at least by many of them to be a moderate.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: Shutting Down Economy Poses ‘Its Own Kind Of Public Health Risk’)

“That may help their changes because people are not going to be afraid of voting for a radical in the middle of an emergency,” he said.

Asked by MacCallum about Trump’s perceived performance, Hume praised Trump’s “sensible” and “quite bold” actions while criticizing the president for some “meandering and vague and boastful” platform pronouncements.

“Although yesterday I think and again today he seems to have gotten the idea that he wants to figure out exactly what he wants to say and not stray from the script and be as precise as possible with the information that he communicates,” said Hume. “That will help him.”