New York Gov. Cuomo Praises Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus Crisis

(Fox News, Getty Images)

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Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered praise Tuesday to President Donald Trump, saying the White House has been “on it” when it comes to the administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

“New Yorkers will do everything they can to be good partners with the federal government,” Cuomo said. “I think the president was 100% sincere in saying he wanted to work together in partnership, in a spirit of cooperation.”

“His team has been on it,” Cuomo continued. “I know a team when they’re on it. I know a team when they’re not on it. His team is on it.”

The president reciprocated Cuomo’s praise Tuesday, saying he believes they are both doing a very good job. (RELATED: Andrew Cuomo: ‘We Didn’t Have Hurricanes’ Before Climate Change)

“We had a great talk this morning. We’re both doing a very good job,” Trump said.

Cuomo and Trump have frequently clashed since Trump took office, with Cuomo blaming the president’s “diabolical” tax cuts for people fleeing New York.