Thursday Was Supposed To Be The Start Of March Madness Before Coronavirus Stole It From Us

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Thursday was supposed to mark the start of the first round of March Madness.

Today was supposed to be a day of great joy. It was supposed to be a day of cold beers. It was supposed to be a day that represented everything that’s great about America. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Instead, coronavirus stole it from us. Coronavirus killed March Madness before the conference tournaments even finished.


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I wish I could say I was still angry about coronavirus stealing March Madness and killing our souls. I wish I still had that emotion raging through me, but I just don’t.

At this point, I’m just heartbroken and depressed. I’m just a shattered man. If you thought I was dancing with the demons before, March Madness not happening is like the demons cranking up the music and shouting “giddy up!”

Every year, I do March Madness the same way. I do a few brackets, invest a ton of money in those brackets and drink a billion beers with the boys.

It’s literally the most American thing possible. People come together, we wager against each other and we get hammered in the name of freedom.

Not this year, folks. Now, the only thing left to dance with are the demons we spend the rest of the year trying to outrun.

The beer won’t be as cold, the women won’t be as hot, the food won’t be as good and our lives won’t be so happy. What a terrible time for America.